Austromatisierung: Fill uses Nerve Blue as enabler for predictive maintenance system

In November 2019, Austrian magazine “Austromatisierung” published an article featuring TTTech Industrial’s software platform Nerve Blue, describing how it is used by mechanical engineering and plant construction company Fill.

“For us, the transfer of data in real-time from the machines to an edge device was a critical factor,” says Alois Wiesinger, Head of Engineering at Fill.

Fill has been developing an in-house solution for the predictive maintenance of its equipment that it plans to offer as a service to its customers in order to increase production quality. Fill first became interested in Nerve Blue, when it was looking for a solution for the fast transfer of machine data via edge devices. Nerve Blue offers hard real-time capability, container virtualization and the use of open technologies such as Linux, OPC-UA or MQTT.

Nerve Blue Management System

Data connectivity, software management and virtualization are three main features of Nerve Blue

Find out how Fill integrated Nerve Blue into their solution in Austromatisierung 9/2019 (page 50 et seq). The magazine (German language only) is available online at for the coming months.