B&R integrates TTTech Industrial´s Edge IP Solution into OPC UA over TSN products

B&R and TTTech Industrial have worked together for several years. In 2016, they initiated the Shapers Group to establish OPC UA over TSN as a real-time and sensor-to-cloud communication solution for industrial applications. You can find a short history of the initiative here: OPC UA over TSN – From a shared vision to a global standard

Working with TTTech Industrial, B&R has now become the first company to offer a complete OPC UA over TSN industrial automation product line. TTTech Industrial’s Edge IP Solution is an integrated software package that adds TSN functionality to industrial PCs, switches and field devices. It is part of TTTech Industrial’s Deterministic Ethernet product line, which offers a comprehensive and fully integrated platform for OPC UA over TSN. The products cover everything from TSN core IP and embedded software, to automated OPC UA over TSN network configuration tools.

“As we bring OPC UA over TSN solutions to market, we wanted to work with a partner that could provide proven, reliable TSN solutions. TTTech Industrial enabled us to integrate OPC UA over TSN functionality into our products in very short time, and as a result, B&R customers are among the first to benefit from open, high-speed OPC UA over TSN technology in a wide range of products,” explains Stefan Schönegger, Vice President – Product Strategy & Innovation at B&R.

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Picture © B&R