TTTech Industrial’s modular edge computing solution Nerve supports digitalization of production, cost savings and reduction of complexity

At Hannover Messe, TTTech Industrial will explain how workload consolidation can benefit businesses of any size by saving cost, reducing complexity, and even mitigating the effects of the chip shortage and present a live showcase of its edge computing platform Nerve at booth B66 in hall 11.

In the past two years, many industries have been severely affected by chip shortages and supply chain disruptions. Companies are unable to meet customer demand because they are missing key electronic components, but they also cannot scale back their digitalization efforts, as the importance of industrial IoT, edge infrastructure and remote service has grown during the pandemic.

Workload consolidation has proven to be an effective solution for this challenge. It uses technologies such as hardware virtualization and containerization to encapsulate functionalities into workloads and execute them in parallel on one powerful host computer. This ensures efficient use of all available computing resources and also offers additional benefits in the mid-term, such as reductions in hardware cost and system complexity.

Elisabeth Meisel (c) TTTech Industrial

Elisabeth Meisel

Elisabeth Meisel, Manager Sales Industrial IoT at TTTech Industrial explains: “Many of our customers use our edge computing platform Nerve for consolidating workloads. Their business cases are different, yet overall, we see a lot of advantages to hardware virtualization and containerization, both immediately and in the longer term. Legacy applications can, for example, be hosted as virtual machines – this saves cost as well as ensuring that older operating systems or software can continue to be used without becoming a security issue.”

Nerve offers a base set of features that ensures secure operation and production data security. As a modular and scalable solution, Nerve can grow with businesses as they scale and be adapted as customers’ requirements change. Four modules covering different use cases can be licensed individually or in combination. For workload consolidation, Nerve provides the Edge Hosting Module, which allows the consolidation of entire existing IPCs as virtual machines (VMs), as well as the containerization of individual applications and their management with tools like Docker and Kubernetes. Interfaces with field equipment and industrial field buses can be consolidated using the Soft SPS module.

Nerve’s two other modules – Data Services and Remote Services – are showcased at TTTech Industrial’s booth in a live demo. This consists of two parts – one at the exhibition in Hannover and one at the company’s headquarters in Vienna. Nerve is used to run software-based control for robots and to update the control programs remotely via the Nerve Management System.

Tamara Terbul 10156 (c) Heidi Pein

Tamara Terbul

“The demo allows users to select the sequence of colored cubes located in front of a glass showcase. Nerve’s Data Services module gathers the data from the robots and the sensors used to read the colors, saves the new sequence as a local CODESYS® application and visualizes it on a monitor at our booth. The color sequence is then replicated by the robots inside the showcase. Users can also try out the Remote Services module, which allows them to remotely deploy the new color sequence via the Nerve Management System to the demo at our headquarters. We have set up a live video stream to Vienna so visitors can see in real-time how the robots copy the new sequence after deployment of the application,” says Tamara Terbul, Marketing Manager at TTTech Industrial.

Elisabeth Meisel adds: “We are excited to show the wide range of applications and the flexibility of Nerve as a modular solution in Hannover. Nerve can cover a wide range of use cases from data collection, analyzation and visualization, to remote deployment and workload consolidation – all in one, scalable edge computing platform. We are looking forward to many personal meetings and to finding the best solution for your business.”

Visit TTTech Industrial at Hannover Messe from May 30 to June 2, 2022 in Hannover, Germany at booth B66 in hall 11.

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