Cisco and TTTech partner to bring TSN to industrial switching

Cisco became the first major switch vendor to release a TSN (Time Sensitive Networking) product for the industrial market earlier this year. TTTech strongly supported the deployment of TSN in Cisco’s IE4000 switch. This project was part of a long-standing cooperation with Cisco, which has included technology development and collaboration in the IEEE TSN standardization group.

The standard version of Cisco’s IE4000 is a 20 port Gigabit Ethernet switch designed for industrial and ruggedized applications. Cisco enhanced the IE4000 with time sensitive capabilities by leveraging TTTech’s IP implementation and scheduling know how, thus reducing internal development efforts for Cisco and gaining a vital time-to-market advantage.

Cisco recognized the value of TTTech’s experience with real-time systems and the scheduling of Ethernet networks. Accordingly, Cisco and TTTech have been working together to integrate TTTech’s powerful network scheduling engine into Cisco’s configuration management platform. Starting with IOS s/w release version 15.2(5)E2, Cisco customers will be able to take full advantage of TSN scheduling and configuration.

Cisco’s IE4000 switch supporting TSN can be seen as part of the IIC TSN testbed demo on the TTTech booth (6-460) at SPS-IPC Drives fair in Nuremberg from November, 28th to 30th, 2017.

Find out more in our recent press release.

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