High availability DCS for Vestas

Advanced wind turbine control architecture based on Deterministic Ethernet

Lower material cost of turbines and reduced operating costs for utilities have been the challenging goal of this project for Vestas Wind Turbines. TTTech’s High Availability Distributed Control System (DCS), integrates all functionalities, including safety, into one single system.

High Availability DCS based on Deterministic Ethernet
Wind turbine control systems are in many cases a complex mix of fieldbus and point-to-point networks, with safety and control functions physically separated. This can lead to expensive integration, higher material costs and limited access to data from critical systems. TTTech’s High Availability DCS based on Deterministic Ethernet was chosen to address these challenges. “Deterministic Ethernet solutions from TTTech enable us to greatly improve wind turbine uptime. TTTech’s state of the art solution provides integrated safety and precision in control that helps to reduce the overall LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy),” explains Jorge Magalhaes, Senior Vice President at Vestas Wind Systems.

TTTech offers control devices with integrated safety features, and Deterministic Ethernet switches and NICs that allow the convergence of different traffic classes on one wire. These elements are brought together by TTTech into a high availability system architecture which means that faults can be isolated whilst the system continues to run as normal.

TTTech Industrial Vestas Use Case