Quality & Standards

TTTech Industrial’s product platforms combine traditional automation functionality with secure access to IT services and deterministic connectivity. To ensure highest quality standards, TTTech Industrial complies with ISO 9001:2015 standards. The certificates are available for download in English and German.

TTTech Industrial operates under the umbrella of the TTTech Group. Quality is a key feature of all solutions within the TTTech Group and a crucial factor to create an environment of success for our customers. We strive to provide the means to implement our quality policy through permanent and continual improvement of our processes.

Quality and Sustainability Policy

Advancing safe technologies, improving human lives – at TTTech, we translate our vision into our TTTech Group strategic goals and daily operations.

Accordingly, we have committed ourselves to highest standards in quality, product safety, and security, in protecting the environment and preventing pollution, in providing safe and healthy working conditions, and in preventing work-related injuries and ill health by eliminating hazards and reducing risks in the work environment. This applies to our employees, our visitors, contractors working on site and customers using our products.

We are committed to meeting all applicable requirements, legal regulations, and compliance obligations.

We believe in the power of collaboration: both internally, involving all employees across all TTTech Group locations, and externally, via cooperation with customers, suppliers, other ecosystem partners as well as society in general, considering the changing needs and expectations of all stakeholders.

We continually improve our Management System to meet legal, contractual, and other relevant requirements as well as our stakeholders’ expectations, and to enhance the quality, security, safety, environmental, and health and safety performance of our products and operations.

Our full commitment to continual improvement is also reflected in our effort to define clear objectives in all areas and monitoring the achievements based on an Objectives and Key Results system.

Find out more about TTTech Group’s quality standards on www.tttech.com.


TTTech Industrial: ISO 9001:2015 certificate (English)
TTTech Industrial: ISO 9001:2015 certificate (German)
TTTech Flexibilis: ISO 9001:2015 certificate (English)