Technical article: Experiences with integration and evaluation of OPC UA over TSN

For the March/April edition of Industrial Ethernet Book, Georg Stöger, Director Training and Consulting at TTTech Industrial, looked at the experiences of early OPC UA over TSN adopters in working with the new standards and technology.

The initiative for the standardization of OPC UA over TSN as a universal, vendor-independent industrial communication platform dates to September 2016. While OPC UA over TSN is still a relatively young technology, it has now been established as a common, open, interoperable platform for industrial automation communication from sensor to cloud. It has also proven itself in first use cases, showing that the technology can be applied successfully.

As part of the standardization initiative and a supplier of the core technology elements, TTTech Industrial has supported and continues to support multiple integration and evaluation projects of the OPC UA and TSN technologies, mostly targeting C2C (controller-to-controller or machine-to-machine) use cases by component suppliers and system integrators who need to understand how their existing products or solutions will be impacted.

The article contrasts the expectations and doubts that accompanied the initial steps to develop OPC UA over TSN as an industry-wide standard for communication with the experiences and feedback regarding OPC UA over TSN prototypes for C2C use cases.

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