Edge hosting and hardware virtualization offer cost savings and increase flexibility

At SPS 2021, TTTech Industrial will showcase its solutions for industrial IoT and Deterministic Ethernet. Join the TTTech Industrial team in person at their booth 5-240 in hall 5 or via the digital “SPS on air” platform to discover the benefits of hardware virtualization for industrial applications and participate in the Nerve sweepstake.

Many manufacturers deliver IPCs* with their machines to run programs for monitoring, analysis, and visualization. Due to a lack of electronic components, their delivery schedules are affected by delivery shortages for IPCs. Nerve’s Edge Hosting module enables hardware virtualization, allowing multiple virtual machines to be operated simultaneously on one physical computer. The x:1 mapping saves cost by running multiple applications side-by-side on one standard IPC and gives machine builders and plant operators more flexibility when offering or using a range of services with their machines.

Elisabeth Meisel, Manager Sales Industrial IoT at TTTech Industrial, highlights the advantages of hardware virtualization with Nerve: “Virtualizing programs offers more flexibility for machine manufacturers. Our customer Andritz, for example, uses one standard IPC to run three different applications – a Linux virtual machine for an integrated firewall, a Windows virtual machine for legacy IIoT software, and a Docker container for new IIoT software. This enabled Andritz to reduce costs, simplify system integration and device management, as well as migrate legacy software as virtual machines.”

Visitors interested in this use case can consult TTTech Industrial’s experts at the booth and participate in a Nerve sweepstake. The winner will receive an exclusive architecture workshop showing the benefits of hardware virtualization for their specific use case. The price also includes the first virtualization of a hardware on the winner’s preferred IPC and a roll-out package containing a Nerve software license, a kick-off training, and three months hosting of the Nerve Management System by TTTech Industrial.

Two other Nerve modules, Soft PLC and Data Services, will also be highlighted at the booth with a live demo. With the Soft PLC module, customers can access their data directly from Ethernet-based field buses and create control programs that can be deployed as workloads to other Nerve Devices. The Data Services module provides the basis for sharing machine data with workloads and transferring data to the cloud.

At SPS, TTTech Industrial also presents its deterministic networking platform Slate that offers comprehensive TSN solutions.

“We offer TSN device solutions, device software and network planning software for the setup and configuration of TSN networks that provide customers with a network infrastructure and allow them to focus on their applications. Our TSN Starter Package contains everything needed to build, configure and test TSN networks, thus supporting customers’ first steps to realizing converged real-time networks,” explains Steffen Schmidt-Evers, Sales Manager Deterministic Ethernet at TTTech Industrial.

* industrial PCs

SPS 2021 was cancelled by the organizers on November 19, 2021. We will still hold our sweepstake and show our demo virtually. To find out more, please head over to our LinkedIn channel.

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