TTTech Announces Nerve – a New Product Platform for Edge Computing and Control

November 22, 2016

TTTech, a global leader in the field of robust networking and safety controls, today announced the launch of a groundbreaking new product platform targeted at providing edge connectivity, computing and control for the manufacturing market at SPS IPC Drives, in Nuremberg, Germany. The platform, named Nerve, enables users to gain greater insight into machines, take control of data access, and unlock more value from their products.

Industry 4.0 is changing the face of manufacturing, however, most production facilities are still not taking advantage of the huge amounts of data that is generated by machines. TTTech’s Nerve platform securely connects these machines to the cloud, giving machine builders and factory owners access to rich data and the ability to remotely manage machine software and apps. Nerve enables machine builders to capitalize on the Industry 4.0 opportunity with services based on seamless software updates, proactive maintenance and optimized machine performance.

The Nerve platform comprises machine-mounted (MFN) and rack-mounted (RFN) devices with a scalable, secure and virtualized middleware for deployment of edge analytics, programmable logic control (PLC) and other applications. Nerve also includes a dedicated cloud service that gives role-based access for viewing live and historical machine data as well as the capability to remotely manage devices. Nerve is powered by scalable software and secure system management. These elements enable users to deploy Nerve in a fog architecture to ensure that application data is always processed in the right place at the right time.

“We are very excited to be entering the manufacturing market with such a revolutionary product platform,” commented Wolfgang Leindecker, Vice President Sales of TTTech’s Industrial Business Unit. “Nerve has been specially developed to enable machine builders and factory owners to exploit the multitude of opportunities presented by Industry 4.0. The Nerve platform sits at the point where operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) truly converge into a single smart IoT architecture.”

TTTech celebrated the launch announcement with customers, partners and employees on their booth at SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg, Germany.