Deterministic Networking

  • TTTech Industrial offers Deterministic Ethernet switched endpoint IP cores for ASIC manufacturers and switched endpoint IP solutions for FPGA users.

    • Edge IP Solution

      Edge IP Solution provides TSN switched endpoint functionality and can be integrated on FPGAs in industrial devices.

    • Flex IP Core

      Flex IP Core provides modular TSN switched endpoint functionality and can be integrated on ASICs targeted for industrial or energy applications.

    • FRS (Flexibilis Redundant Switch)

      FRS provides HSR/PRP functionality for robust and reliable communication in applications such as substation automation and energy management (smart grid). This product is part of our Flexibilis offering, more information on

    • Edge PTP

      The Edge PTP stack provides highly accurate clock synchronization for TSN networks that enables the synchronization of real-time clocks across the network within a nanosecond range.

  • TTTech Industrial offers development hardware for integrating TSN IP solutions and building TSN test networks.

    • Evaluation Board

      The Evaluation Board is designed to be used in combination with TTTech Industrial’s Edge IP Solution, providing a stable hardware platform for integration and evaluation of TSN Ethernet functionality.

    • FRC (Flexibilis Redundant Card)

      Flexibilis Redundant Card (FRC) is a PCIe Network Interface Card that offers a ready to use implementation of the HSR and PRP Ethernet standards.

  • TTTech Industrial offers scheduling software for easy offline configuration of TSN networks.

    • Slate XNS

      The network scheduler Slate XNS is a browser-based software that makes it easy to model topologies, create schedules and deploy configurations for TSN networks.