Slate XNS

TSN network scheduler with browser-based topology modeling

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Slate XNS is a browser-based, user-friendly software that makes it easy to model topologies, create schedules and deploy configurations for TSN networks. Offline network configuration is made possible by the intuitive GUI which provides a topology view or table-based editor for managing components and data streams. Schedules are calculated with just one click via TTTech’s built-in scheduling engine, and network components are configured using open, standard YANG models.

Slate XNS can be used to schedule and configure any networked device that supports the IEEE 802.1AS and IEEE 802.1Qbv TSN standards, as well as the corresponding YANG models. TTTech Industrial’s Edge IP Solution is optimally configured using Slate XNS.

TTTech Industrial incorporates 20 years’ experience in time-scheduled networking into their Deterministic Ethernet products. They enable users to benefit from guarantee of service, which allows for the convergence of controls, streaming and data traffic over one standard Ethernet network without affecting real-time performance or wasting bandwidth. Customers can use TSN to synchronize control networks, seamlessly integrate systems and secure critical network traffic against denial-of-service attacks and network flooding.