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TTTech Industrial offers Nerve Blue in a flexible way that can be tailored to your use case. The Nerve Blue Node Software license is available per device. Nerve Management System is subscription based according to the number of devices being managed per month, ensuring you only pay where it is used. It can be run wholly on-premise, or it can be hosted by TTTech Industrial as a service for your convenience. Devices are purchased directly from the supplier and can be qualified by TTTech Industrial for use with Nerve Blue upon request.

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Nerve Blue Node Software

One-time license payment per device

12 months software maintenance included (fixes & security patches plus upgrades).
Patches and fixes for each major release 36 months after launch of newer major release.
License price based on device performance class (see Qualified Nerve Devices).

Nerve Management System

Monthly fee per managed device

On-premise variant based on a rolling contract that includes software
maintenance for the management system (fixes, security patches plus upgrades).
Hosted as-a-service variant based on a rolling contract that includes
guaranteed response times and system uptime.

Qualified Nerve Devices

Device purchased from supplier

A wide range of devices are already qualified for Nerve Blue
Qualification of further devices is available on request

Nerve Services

In addition to the core Nerve Blue offering, TTTech Industrial supports your project with customized engineering services, support packages, device qualification and Management System set-up (in case you decide to host the Nerve Management System on-premise).

  • Hourly support
    – Support is available from Monday to Friday (9 am to 5 pm CET) via telephone or email.
    – Bespoke support packages available.

  • One-time payment per Management System instance
    – Support from TTTech Industrial engineers through the initial set-up of a Nerve Management System hosted on your own premises.
    – On-site or remote support available.

  • One-time payment per qualification of a device for a major release

    – For testing and qualification of Nerve Blue with a device that is not sourced from TTTech Industrial and has not previously been qualified.
    – Qualification available depending on device capabilities.
    – Minimum device specifications: X86 architecture, 2GB RAM.
    – Device support for one major release cycle.

  • Per-session payment

    – Nerve product training and introduction to edge management
    – Bespoke training courses available on request