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Introducing Nerve Blue

Nerve Blue is a radically open edge computing platform that promotes vendor independence and flexibility.
Nerve Blue runs on off-the-shelf hardware, scaling from gateways to IPCs. Its open architecture allows users to deploy their own software, or applications developed by third parties. All of this is managed through an intuitive user interface available at the edge or in the cloud. With Nerve Blue, users can reduce system complexity and cost, improve machine performance, and offer new services to customers.

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Intel Solution Brief

A Complete Edge Computing Solution

Nerve Blue consists of node software that runs on devices at the edge, as well as a management system that runs in the cloud or on a local server. These elements combine to provide a powerful and flexible edge computing platform.

Node Software

Nerve Blue provides an open software environment for running applications at the edge. It enables management of local device functions as well as facilitating the pre-processing and visualization of data. See more details about the Nerve Blue architecture.

  • Real-time gatewaying of data from existing PLC and IO infrastructure

    Sharing of data between time-series database and applications

    Data connection to any cloud or ERP system

    Local and web-based data visualization

  • Virtualized environment running Windows or Linux virtual machines

    Supports lightweight Docker containers

    Choose to use your own applications or third party software

    Integrated soft PLC (CODESYS®)

  • Software management even when there is no connection to the Management System

    Displays health and system status information for the device

    Upload locally modified control applications to the Management System

    Controls outside access for remote viewing of local device via VNC, RDP, Shell

Management System

The Management System enables remote management of nodes anywhere around the world and provides a platform for offering software-based services. It can be hosted either in the cloud or on a local server. See more details about the Nerve Blue architecture.

  • Central repository for applications (Docker containers, VMs and CODESYS® programs)

    Over-the-air updates and upgrades to device software and applications

    Simultaneous deployment of applications to multiple devices and locations

    User management for device and software configuration

  • VPN-like connection to Dockers and VMs running on any active device

    Remote screen and console access to devices and installed software

    Remote connection of CODESYS® engineering tool to devices

  • Role-Based Access Control to prevent unauthorized users from performing functions

    Server-side validation to protect against malicious user input

    State-of-the-art TLS 1.2 and certificate validation


Nerve Blue runs on Intel Atom, Core i5 and Core i7 based hardware. Qualification of Nerve Devices is available on request or you can choose a prequalified Nerve Device.

Getting Started

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Nerve Blue Kit

The Nerve Blue Kit is a ready-to-use hardware and software package, designed to support the demonstration and evaluation of Nerve Blue features. The kit provides everything needed to start collecting, storing and analyzing data, and can be expanded to include your own machine infrastructure.

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