Blog posts

Short introduction to the Precision Time Protocol (PTP)

Interview with our Senior Key Account Manager Deterministic Ethernet about the PTP and its use cases.

Introduction to industrial edge computing

We introduce the terms cloud and edge computing and then discuss the relevance and application of edge computing in the industrial sector.

HSR/PRP redundancy protocols for smart grid networks

Network redundancy ensures safety and availability of smart grids. We discuss how HSR and PRP add redundancy to standard Ethernet networks.

Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) and OPC UA (OPC UA FX)

We talk about TSN, OPC UA and OPC UA FX, as well as their benefits for and their applications in the industrial sector.

Release: Nerve 2.5.0

We spoke to our Product Manager Industrial IoT about the highlights of the latest release for our edge computing platform, Nerve 2.5.0.

Secure remote access for industrial assets with edge computing

In our four part blog series, we look at key points to consider for secure remote access, methods of establishing it, as well as how our edge computing platform Nerve supports secure remote connection.