Rockwell Automation joins OPC UA TSN initiative

Rockwell Automation joins the group of industry leaders known as Shapers to create a communication solution for real-time and sensor-to-cloud applications in industrial operations. This solution will be based on the OPC UA protocol and the Time Sensitive Networking (TSN).

Together with ABB, Belden, Bosch Rexroth, B&R, Cisco, Hilscher, KUKA, National Instruments, Phoenix Contact, Pilz, Schneider Electric, TTTech, and WAGO, Rockwell Automation will address real-time device-to-device and device-to-cloud applications. “Connecting technologies across an industrial organization while maintaining multivendor interoperability requires a harmonized, interoperable solution that uses consistent information models, communication and application behavior (together known as application profiles),” said Paul Brooks, business development manager, Rockwell Automation.

To ensure the emerging OPC UA TSN solution supports interoperability of different vendor technologies on the same network, the companies are engaging with industry consortia such as Avnu, IEEE, IIC, LNI 4.0 and OPC Foundation. The companies are also planning an announcement in the coming months on how to achieve unified application profiles, which is the last hurdle to device harmonization. They aim to provide one-stop-shop certification of the overall solution up to the device-profile level.

The companies have already published whitepapers on OPC UA TSN technology, such as an IIC whitepaper on converged traffic types. They have also made significant contributions to the recently released PubSub extension of OPC UA, and plan to set up a collaboration between the IIC and LNI testbeds.

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