Tailyn works with TTTech Industrial to expand into substation automation market

Worldwide energy consumption has risen significantly in the past decades, with Asia showing the largest growth rates. Automation in energy systems is also increasing, resulting in a need for efficient and reliable network solutions that support automation. Taiwan-based Tailyn is a provider of turnkey industrial communications solutions that has recently entered the substation automation market. To ensure that its products met strict network redundancy requirements, Tailyn turned to TTTech Industrial for a proven, easy to integrate solution.

“We are very pleased to be working closely together with TTTech Industrial to achieve our goals in the electrical-substation automation market. Tailyn products now enable customers to build highly-available and redundant systems that meet the demanding requirements of energy management applications. We look forward to our continued cooperation and future success with TTTech Industrial,” says D.Y. Lin, Vice President of S&M, ODM business.

TTTech Industrial’s Flexibilis Redundant Switch (FRS) delivers critical technology elements that support the Taiwanese company’s entry into the substation automation market. A major advantage that FRS offers for Tailyn is its flexibility. The product is available as a configurable IP core that can be integrated as a 3-8 port switch on an FPGA, or as a pre-configured 4-port ASIC (XRS7000).

“TTTech Industrial is proud that Tailyn has chosen FRS for its substation automation products. We have been able to help Tailyn significantly reduce its engineering efforts as FRS can be pre-configured for integration into new products without needing any specific chip engineering know-how,” explains Niilo Neilimo, Managing Director, TTTech Flexibilis OY.

Working with TTTech Industrial ensures that Tailyn’s new products comply with the international IEC 61850 standard for reliable communication in electrical substations. The IEC 61850 standard defines communication protocols, nano-second level time synchronization, and seamless network redundancy for devices used in substation automation. FRS fulfils the IEC 61850 standard requirements by providing proven implementations of both the High-availability Seamless Redundancy (HSR) and Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) protocols.

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