The benefits of TSN for IIoT and industry 4.0

In January, TTTech received the “Living Standards Award”, the most significant Austrian prize for standardization and innovation. The award honors TTTech’s standardization efforts in the IEEE, particularly in the area of TSN (Time Sensitive Networking). TSN is a set of standards that helps to standardize communication on Ethernet and guarantees quick and precise communication of critical information.

The TTTech Group is committed to implementing standards in its commercial solutions. For example, TTTech Industrial has developed TSN products that enable users to easily connect machines on the shop floor to send data in real time to help improve productivity and efficiency. As part of the EU’s Safe4Rail project, TTTech is also integrating TSN to create the next generation of flexible, low-cost in-train communications systems. Building products based on IEEE’s open, unified, standards allows TTTech to offer solutions that are applicable across industries.

TTTech Industrial is actively engaged within ecosystems that extend the functionality of TSN. OPC UA over TSN is an open solution that enables data to be shared seamlessly between industrial devices from any vendor. TTTech Industrial supports OPC UA over TSN in its products to enable:

  • Open, interoperable communication with guaranteed real-time delivery of critical messages between machines on the shop floor and across factories.
  • The use of one Ethernet network for both critical and non-critical traffic. This ensures easy access, compatibility and the option of integrating existing Ethernet devices into the network.
  • Simple, automatic and dynamic configuration of the network according to the requirements of the users’ specific production situation, offering a connection from the sensors into the cloud without gateways.
  • The implementation of comprehensive, configurable TSN functionality into devices without adding to product development time.

TSN/OPC UA over TSN products are an essential component for the future of industrial automation. As more and more companies realize the potential of IIoT applications, they need to create reliable, integrated communication networks for their plants. To support them with the first steps into digitalization, TTTech Industrial offers a TSN starter package that allows to quickly and simply set up, configure and test TSN networks.

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