Transforming the industry – a progress report

The first GAINER Industriefestival took place in Linz, Austria from October 9-10, 2019, with the goal of transforming the Austrian industry.

TTTech Industrial’s Wolfgang Leindecker and B&R’s Stefan Schönegger held a joint speech about their first-hand experiences with new technologies as an enabler for IoT business models in the industry. Called “Economy of the ecosystem”, the talk focused on the challenges both companies faced in their endeavor to bring core technologies from aerospace and space applications to the industrial world.

They began working on their vision to bring about a shift in the industrial world in 2016. How open standards and cross-industry approaches help shape a converged infrastructure for the unified communication between and control of machines from different vendors can be found in a video shared as premium content by Industriemagazin, one of the organizers of the festival.

You can see an excerpt on their website:

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