TTTech Industrial end-of-year review 2020

Expansion of solutions portfolio for Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing

2020 has been a dynamic year for many industries. The global pandemic has tested our connections to each other and often forced us to keep a safe distance. Still, at TTTech Group, we have found a way of handling the current situation that works well for our business, our company and our employees.

TTTech Industrial is one of the companies operating under the umbrella of TTTech Group. Despite the challenges the past year has brought, we have kept moving forward, with our vision of “shaping the future of open and autonomous industry” in mind. We want to share some of this year’s highlights with you:

First of all, our activities in smart manufacturing centered around the Nerve product line for edge computing:

  • Leading machine and plant engineering company Fill used Nerve to enable high-performance data access in real-time and to reliably connect machines worldwide.
  • A new service for those getting started with edge computing and digitalization projects is the free trial of Nerve that requires no hardware set-up or software installation and gives users access to an online sandbox where they can easily try out Nerve.
  • The Linux Foundation announced that the latest version of their ACRNTM hypervisor is now included in Nerve, making Nerve the first commercial product for the industrial market based on ACRN.
  • TTTech Industrial also collaborated with local innovation hub Swiss Smart Factory, where Nerve is installed in the demo plant and showcased in a real manufacturing environment in different use cases.
  • The continued partnership with Intel was highlighted in a robotics control demo showing one of the many potential use cases for Nerve.

TTTech Industrial also enabled further applications with Slate, our product line for comprehensive TSN implementation:

In addition, TTTech Industrial received the ISO 9001 certification for the development of real-time communication solutions and open computing platforms for the industrial Internet of Things in 2020.

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