TTTech releases world’s first vendor-independent TSN configuration software

TTTech’s groundbreaking Slate XNS configuration software for TSN networks is now available for customers. Slate XNS is the first vendor-independent configuration software for TSN. It is available as a standalone software that runs on Windows or Linux and can be used to set up networks containing any standard compliant TSN devices.

“TSN is widely accepted as the future of networking in industrial automation,” said Patrick Loschmidt, Product Manager for Deterministic Ethernet Products at TTTech. “TTTech is using its expertise in scheduling and configuring deterministic networks to deliver products like Slate XNS, which removes complexity for the user and makes TSN networks easy to implement.”

Slate XNS is a browser-based, user-friendly software used to model topologies, create schedules and deploy configurations for TSN networks. The software is built around TTTech’s powerful scheduler, which can be used to create schedules for networks with thousands of nodes. The standard Slate XNS product is available for configuring TSN networks of up to 20 devices. Extensions can also be purchased for configuring up to 50 devices, or for an unlimited number of devices.

Slate XNS has been developed in accordance with the IEEE 802.1Qcc standard for central configuration of TSN networks, and operates using NETCONF, YANG and JSON interfaces. It currently supports functionality for the IEEE 802.1Qbv TSN standard and in future will support 802.1Qbu and 802.1CB functionality.

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