processed industry

Digitalization is always a huge challenge, but particularly so in the process industry. Here, IT infrastructures often use the traditional approach i.e. individually managed IT applications running on virtualized server clusters managed by the IT department, while OT applications run on separated servers or industrial PCs (IPCs) closer to the shopfloor. While in many cases sufficient for current business needs, companies are not able to make full use of the data available in the company.

To address digitalization challenges, a combination of cloud and edge computing technologies can be applied to provide companies with full data connectivity and enable the pre-processing of data as well as the central management of OT software. In addition, the migration of legacy applications and the use of new smart applications is made possible.

TTTech Industrial’s whitepaper shows how a company in the process industry was able to create an efficient and flexible IT infrastructure using the “Infrastructure as Code (IaC)” approach wherein infrastructure is built and managed as software and how TTTech Industrial’s edge computing platform such as Nerve can support this.

Find out more and download the whitepaper here.

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