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Industrial markets are in the midst of a technology revolution, with innovation being driven by the need to increase productivity in the face of uncertainty and rising costs. By delivering innovative products and solutions, TTTech Industrial aspires to unlock the incredible potential of industrial automation. We combine transformative technologies with hands-on experience in critical real-time systems to offer our customers flexibility, reliability and choice.

Our Products

TTTech Industrial offers a range of products that support open and autonomous systems. The Nerve product line delivers flexible edge computing, Slate offers comprehensive TSN solutions, and Flexibilis products provide reliable redundant networks

Slate IP solutions and network planning software enables integration of TSN features and OPC UA over TSN networks.
Nerve software at the edge and in the
cloud allows users to access data, manage
devices and deploy software remotely.
Flexibilis IP cores and software deliver high-availability seamless redundancy for industrial and energy applications.

Latest News & Events

Latest News

Whitepaper: Technical implementation of PTP in TTTech Industrial’s Edge PTP stack
Whitepaper: Technical implementation of PTP in TTTech Industrial’s Edge PTP stack

Today’s industrial systems operate in a realm where many machines and components on a shop floor as well as all over the world are connected as part of a large production network. For machine manufacturers and plant operators this results in a number of challenges, such as the precise synchronization of devices within such distributed systems. The Precision Time Protocol (PTP) helps to ensure ...

Whitepaper: Mitigating chip shortage through workload consolidation

The chip shortage has disrupted the supply chain in many industries and companies are looking for ways to deliver their products ...

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24.09.2022 - 25.09.2022

Meet our recruiting team at Jobmesse Austria to discover career opportunities ...

TSN/A Conference 2022
28.09.2022 - 29.09.2022

Join us at this year's TSN/A Conference, where we will be presenting our TSN ...

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