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What is remote service? 


All service and maintenance work that is carried out on machines and production lines without the service technician being on site. 

What is
the challenge?

  • Difficult to plan costs and duration of maintenance, especially at remote customer locations

  • Software updates are time consuming, insecure and difficult to track


What are
the benefits?

  • Detect and resolve common errors remotely

  • Consolidate engineering expertise and avoid excessive travel costs 

  • Simultaneously deploy software updates to installed machines via secure cloud connection

  • Remotely diagnose and patch software issues 

Remote access
with Nerve:

  • Remotely access your devices in your network using an integrated tunnel 

  • Directly display a remote desktop of your applications in a browser without the need for installing additional software  

  • Collect logs centrally for all your applications and devices

  • Keep your edge software and applications up-to-date


What is condition monitoring? 


Condition monitoring keeps track of key indicators for machine performance (vibration, temperature etc.) in order to identify any changes which may be indicative of a developing fault.

What is
the challenge?

  • Detect machine's performance changes before a failure occurs
  • Errors are often sporadic and difficult to track 
  • Retrospectively identify the root cause of failure to prevent them

What are
the benefits?

  • Ensure maintenance visits are always on time and scheduling is optimal 
  • Increased machine availability through monitoring of key indicators and early fault detection 
  • Better and earlier error detection through trend data and data history

Condition monitoring
with Nerve:

  • Read sensor data via fieldbuses (Profinet, EtherCAT) using the real-time Soft PLC module
  • Read data from PLCs or other sources (S7, Modbus, OPC UA) using the integrated Data Gateway and store it in a local database
  • Visualize the data in local or cloud-based dashboards and create alarms using rules

What is machine learning?


Machine learning algorithms build a model based on sample data, known as training data, in order to make predictions or decisions without being explicitly programmed to do so.

What is
the challenge?

  • Interrelationships of functional or behavioral changes in the machines are not recognized 
  • Model calculation only takes place in the cloud, but execution of the model must take place on the machine in a time-critical manner

What are
the benefits?

  • Data ownership and control, whether on-site or in the cloud
  • Identification of and response to trends and patterns in machine behaviour 
  • Error reduction through optimization of processes and improved solution finding

Machine learning
with Nerve:

  • Use Nerve Data Services to collect live and training data
  • Create and train your models using your preferred machine learning toolkit
  • Deploy models and configurations and integrate them into a DevOps flow using the API
  • Connect your trained models to live data using applications running on Nerve
  • Visualize results in local or cloud-based dashboards

What is a digital twin?


A digital twin is a representation of a physical object, process or service. The twin can be a digital replica of an object in the physical world such as a CNC mill or a turbine. Nerve provides secure access to machine data which acts as the foundation for a digital twin.

What is
the challenge?

  • Monitoring the behavior of machines and their interactions is only possible in the real world
  • Innovation cycles and improvements need time and a physical setup for evaluation

What are
the benefits?

  • Improved test and functional check on a digital twin 
  • Comparability of behaviors of machines operating in different locations 

Digital Twin
with Nerve:

  • Securely collect data from the machine and model them in OPC UA for digital twin 
  • Read sensors using fieldbuses (Profinet, EtherCAT) using the integrated Soft PLC
  • Use the integrated data services gateway to upload relevant data for the Digital Twin representation to cloud providers

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