"The feature set of each Nerve module is optimized with unique workflows ideally suited for production facilities and machines. Independent of which module you license, Nerve offers a set of base features.These features provide a secure foundation for managing software and devices in Nerve."

Alexander Bergner Portrait
Alexander Bergner Director Product Management Industrial IoT

Nerve architecture

nerve architecture

Nerve's modules and their features

Base features

API Centralized logging User management Any type of hardware supported
Hypervisor Managed Service OS including updates

DNA: audited reproduceable and scalable node configuration and cloning 

Edge Hosting

Data Services

Remote Services

Soft PLC

Offline and local operation Graphically configurable Data Gateway Remote tunnel to deploy applications CODESYS Soft PLC
Apps (Docker, VM, CODESYS) Multi-protocol Data Gateway (OPC UA, S7, MQTT, et.)  Accessing external devices Fieldbus connectivity e.g. PROFINET, EtherCAT
Configuration of central repository Data buffering Remote shell or screen access   High speed connection to an influxDB
Management at the edge Built-in visualization and Time-Series Database   Real time operation with less than 2 ms cycles
  Built-in data connector to 3rd party clouds   Support of retain variables

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