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SPS 2023

IIoT solutions for machine builders and extended partner ecosystem

TTTech Industrial’s SPS 2023 exhibition showcase at booth #230 in hall 5 will focus on supporting customers along their entire IIoT journey with the help of TTTech Industrial’s partner ecosystem and its modular, scalable IIoT platform Nerve. TTTech Industrial will present a demo of Nerve highlighting the benefits for machine builders and an edge vision AI (Artificial Intelligence) use case for quality assessment. This demo will also be connected to demos on partner booths (Moxa and Phoenix Contact). TTTech Industrial is also highlighting its recent partnerships with Arvato Systems, K-Businesscom, and Data Reply, which support customers in earlier phases of their IIoT journey.

TTTech Industrial provides the technology companies need to securely connect their machines (the OT) to IT enterprise networks and the cloud. This enables customers to collect data, process it at the edge, and distribute it to the desired applications or the cloud for storage or analysis. TTTech Industrial has been certified by TÜV Austria according to the industrial cybersecurity standard IEC 62443-4-1 and will certify its IIoT platform Nerve, which already contains a range of cybersecurity features, in 2024.

At SPS, TTTech Industrial will present Nerve demos highlighting options for machine builders at every stage of their IIoT journey, as well as TTTech Industrial’s partner ecosystem. Apart from TTTech Industrial’s own booth, demos will also be set up at the booths of Moxa (hall 5, booth #208) and Phoenix Contact (hall 9, booth #310).

“Our demo uses live data from an integrated ‘mini machine’ that is visualized on a screen. This allows us to show machine builders what would happen when machine performance is impacted, e.g., how alerts can be created and sent to specified users, how data can be sent to IIoT-enabled condition monitoring or remote service applications or used for automated analysis. The demos at our own and Moxa’s booth also include the demonstration of an edge vision AI system that can evaluate pictures of products for quality assessment and early detection of faults,” explains Konstantin Klein, Business Development Manager, TTTech Industrial.

TTTech Industrial extends partner ecosystem

TTTech Industrial has an array of partners for added functionality within its IIoT platform Nerve. Recently, the company has extended its ecosystem to include partners that support companies at earlier stages of their IIoT journey, starting from introducing options of IIoT, to early project planning and implementation.

“Nerve provides the software backbone and connectivity for our customers so they can quickly start using machine data for IIoT applications like predictive maintenance, remote services, or the integration of AI to automate and streamline processes, e.g., quality checks. However, there are many considerations leading up to the use of Nerve. Thanks to our partner ecosystem, we can break down the barriers for starting with IIoT and offer a well-rounded package for faster implementation with tried and tested concepts and systems,” says Klein.

TTTech Industrial’s partner ecosystem now includes:

Global IT specialist Arvato Systems supports major companies through Digital Transformation. This is a prerequisite for choosing the right technology, tools, and systems to fulfill the customers’ digitalization goals. TTTech Industrial provides machine connectivity with Nerve to Arvato Systems to extend its consulting portfolio.

K-Businesscom advises companies on the implementation of security measures to protect assets on the shopfloor from cyberattacks and which technology solutions can support them in setting up their digitized production systems. Nerve is one of the technology solutions that provides secure connectivity between the shopfloor and IT systems. Encapsulation and virtualization of legacy assets is one way that Nerve supports the integration of existing machines into a companywide IIoT solution.

Data Reply is a consultant that specializes in data engineering with AI and AI solutions. They advise machine builders on how to use the data collected with Nerve, enabling companies to work in a more data-driven, automated, efficient, and scalable way.

Phoenix Contact has extensive experience in OT providing components, systems, and solutions for electrical engineering, electronics, and automation. This is the basis for their virtual PLC solution that can be integrated into TTTech Industrial’s Nerve IIoT platform. This virtual PLC can be retrofitted into existing machinery and provides a faster option for upgrading production machinery for integration into an IIoT solution. For new equipment, a virtual PLC can reduce costs for the machine builder who does not have to install a PLC into every machine to enable connectivity.

Find out more:

· Visit us at SPS 2023: hall 5, booth #230

· Check out the Nerve demos at our partners’ booths: Moxa (hall 5, booth #208) and Phoenix Contact (hall 9, booth #310)

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