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The chip shortage has disrupted the supply chain in many industries and companies are looking for ways to deliver their products without having to scale back on automation capabilities and software.

A good short-term solution to this challenge is workload consolidation, which uses readily available technologies such as hardware virtualization and containerization. By consolidating workloads, i.e. executing the functionalities of multiple industrial PCs (IPCs) and/or dedicated controllers on a single, powerful host computer, companies can optimize the use of available computational resources. This reduces implementation cost and effort and allows companies to get back on track with their deliveries in a shorter amount of time, but it also offers additional benefits in the longer term, such as cost reduction and reduced complexity, particularly when using a managed edge computing platform like our edge computing platform Nerve.

Find out how Nerve’s comprehensive workload management and workload consolidation capabilities support easy installation and management, cost savings through virtualization and unified remote access in one modular and scalable solution. Download the whitepaper here.

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