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News ACRN - Nerve Nov 2021

In December 2020, TTTech Industrial’s open edge computing platform Nerve became the first commercial implementation of Linux Foundation’s ACRN™ on the industrial market. Now, TTTech Industrial has integrated the latest release of the open hypervisor, ACRN™ 2.6, as well as Intel® Time Coordinated Computing (Intel® TCC) into Nerve, further improving hard real-time virtualization for edge computing.

TTTech Industrial has been working closely with the ACRN™ project members to shape the open hypervisor. The cooperation with Intel allowed TTTech Industrial to speed up the integration of ACRN™ into Nerve and widened the adoption of the hypervisor in the industrial sector. Thanks to ACRN™ and Intel® Time Coordinated Computing (Intel® TCC), Nerve users now benefit from improved real-time performance.

Examples for use cases are high-speed data acquisition in the sub-millisecond domain or demanding automation tasks for industrial machines with attached data analytics, storage, and visualization. Combining hard-real time PLC integration with IoT-based data analytics in a flexibly managed way is challenging, as the different types of applications need to be strictly separated. ACRN™ and Intel® TCC help to achieve this goal.

“TTTech Industrial provides solutions that meet the industrial market’s demands for openness, flexibility and hard real-time performance. Our cooperation with Intel and the Open Source community around the ACRN™ hypervisor allows us to provide best in class real-time performance for edge computing. The integration of Intel's TCC features on their newest CPU platforms in Nerve is another step in that direction,” explains Alexander Bergner, Director Product Management Industrial IoT, TTTech Industrial.

Customers can evaluate the performance of Nerve with ACRN™ and Intel® TCC in an online evaluation system provided jointly by Intel and TTTech Industrial. The 30-day evaluation license for the full Nerve system allows customers to use Nerve for their own use case and on their own devices and to manage their device software and applications remotely.

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