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"Our customers often do not have the required hardware to run, manage and monitor machine learning models built by us, or models that they have created themselves. With the seamless integration of navio and Nerve, we can offer them a platform for ingesting data, managing hardware devices, and running machine learning models as an all-in-one package.”

Jakob Lahmer founder and CTO, craftworks

navio, a platform for managing and performing various machine learning operations across an organization’s entire AI landscape, is one of craftworks’ core products.

craftworks would like to reliably obtain consistent machine data that can be used to make real-time predictions on the edge by sending it to any of the hosted models that are managed within navio. This decreases latency and thus improves efficiency in the workflow.

craftworks also needs a technological base where the models can be executed. To turn this into reality, craftworks has decided to partner up with TTTech Industrial and use the functionalities of their edge computing platform Nerve.

The combination of Nerve with navio unites modular edge computing with seamless deployment of AI models into one ready-to-use solution.

Nerve is a modular industrial edge computing platform that provides a software infrastructure for the plant’s shop floor to ingest data from various sources. It is the technological base where craftworks’ AI models can be deployed to and are executed from. Depending on the amount of data and the type of models required, Nerve can be installed on a broad base of different IPC hardware. Customers can choose which hardware best fits their application, depending on the amount of data and the type of models required.

navio interacts seamlessly with Nerve, allowing the user to deploy models directly from navio to the edge with a few simple clicks in the web interface.

With Nerve and navio, users can feed real-time data directly into models running on the edge device for on-site predictions or they can feed data into big data models running in the cloud for off-site predictions.

By combining Nerve and navio, we can offer our customers new possibilities: data scientists get a “Swiss Army Knife” for their daily work, domain experts can easily deploy AI models across their organization or improve their machine learning use cases, production facilities benefit from AI, and machine builders can offer highly efficient machines with smarter services.

About craftworks

The Austrian IT company craftworks develops high level individual AI and software solutions for predictive quality and predictive maintenance in industrial companies. craftworks' products use the data that machines generate to anticipate failures, react automatically, and thus increase efficiency.

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