IT-OT industry leaders on their motivation to support OPC UA TSN


In 2016, IT-OT industry leaders and Avnu, the IIC and the OPC Foundation united to drive interoperability for IIoT and Industry 4.0 applications. To this day, 17 companies pledged their commitment to ensuring the interoperability of deterministic industrial devices by bringing forward the open, unified communication standard OPC UA over Time Sensitive Networking (TSN). In this video, representatives from this group of IT and OT companies are talking about their ambitions to achieve a unified industrial communication standard.

The rapid development of these technologies over the last year allowing for TSN to be adopted as a foundational technology for automation. More than 20 companies have participated in plugfests in the US and Europe to test and demonstrate interoperability between devices from various manufacturers and vendors. Read more about OPC UA TSN in this press release.