Successful completion of largest digital industry research project in Europe

In October 2020, the EU-funded research project Productive 4.0 was successfully completed after more than three years. It was Europe’s largest research project in the field of digital industry, bringing together over 100 partner companies and institutions from 19 European countries and coordinated by Infineon Technologies AG. The projects key outcomes included the development of components that support European small and middle-sized enterprises (SMEs) in increasing their competitiveness in digital services.

TTTech Industrial played an active role in this huge research effort, focusing on research and development of industrial IoT solutions for highly scalable and modular real-time architectures. TTTech Industrial worked on the definition of requirements and architectures for flexible production processes based on OPC-UA over TSN for (deterministic) data communication. In course of the Productive 4.0 project, IoT hardware and software components were developed that benefitted from this co-funded feature development.

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