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food processing

The modern food processing industry is under pressure to digitize its production. Food processing machines often include multiple industrial PCs (IPCs) that run business-relevant functions, e.g. for production monitoring. However, depending on the customer, the required functions or operating systems may differ, and machine manufacturers need to accommodate this by creating a flexible and efficient IT infrastructure environment that also ensures reliable access for their own service personnel.

In the “Infrastructure as Code (IaC)” approach, infrastructure is built and managed as software using a combination of cloud and edge technologies. This enables multiple virtualized hardware and/or software applications to run side-by-side on one hardware, e.g. an IPC. TTTech Industrial’s edge computing platform Nerve can be used to migrate several IPCs with different functions and/or operating systems as well as legacy software onto a new hardware as virtual machines and Docker containers and manage them remotely from the cloud.

Check out the technical whitepaper detailing how Nerve can help bridge the gap between OT and IT and the potential cost savings that can be achieved by hardware virtualization immediately and in the medium term here.

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