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  • TTTech Industrial’s Edge IP Solution provides TSN functionality for B&R’s OPC UA over TSN product line
  • B&R reduced development time for its OPC UA over TSN products thanks to Edge IP Solution’s integrated design
  • Edge IP Solution has an integral acceleration module for building OPC UA over TSN networks for ultra-high-speed motion-control use cases

Vienna, Austria, March 26, 2020 – B&R has partnered with TTTech Industrial to deliver a range of OPC UA over TSN* industrial automation products. Integrating TTTech Industrial’s Edge IP Solution enables B&R to offer open, interoperable and high-speed OPC UA over TSN communication to its customers for the first time.


B&R has taken a leading role in defining and promoting OPC UA over TSN as an industry-wide standard for open, real-time communication on the factory floor. In partnering with TTTech Industrial, B&R has become the first company to offer a complete OPC UA over TSN industrial automation product line.  TTTech Industrial’s Edge IP Solution is an integrated software package that enables TSN functionality on industrial PCs, switches and field devices. The comprehensive TSN implementation enabled B&R to significantly reduce development time for the network part and focus on its automation competencies.  Edge IP Solution also includes an integral acceleration module that allows B&R’s OPC UA over TSN products to be used for all relevant automation use cases, including even ultra-high-speed motion control.

“As we bring OPC UA over TSN solutions to market, we wanted to work with a partner that could provide proven, reliable TSN solutions. TTTech Industrial enabled us to integrate OPC UA over TSN functionality into our products in very short time, and as a result, B&R customers are among the first to benefit from open, high-speed OPC UA over TSN technology in a wide range of products,” explains Stefan Schönegger, Vice President - Product Strategy & Innovation at B&R.

“We are proud to partner with B&R for its OPC UA over TSN product line. Working with world leading automation companies is a strong endorsement of our product quality and innovation in this field. We deliver comprehensive, high-performance OPC UA over TSN solutions that are easy to integrate and use,” says Wolfgang Leindecker, Member of the Executive Board at TTTech Industrial.

Edge IP Solution is part of TTTech Industrial’s Deterministic Ethernet product line, which offers a comprehensive and fully integrated platform for OPC UA over TSN. The products cover everything from TSN core IP and embedded software, to automated OPC UA over TSN* network configuration tools.

* Instead of "OPC UA over TSN", the term "OPC UA FX" (aka OPC UA Field eXchange, UAFX) is used now.


About TTTech Industrial Automation AG

TTTech Industrial aspires to unlock the incredible potential of industrial automation. It combines transformative technologies with hands-on experience in critical real-time systems to offer customers flexibility, reliability and choice. TTTech Industrial’s products and services are designed to converge and connect automation systems. Nerve Blue is an industrial software platform that reduces system complexity and cost, improves machine performance, and offers innovative new services to customers. TTTech Industrial’s Deterministic Ethernet portfolio integrates OPC UA and TSN technologies to ensure guarantee of service for open and converged industrial networks. TTTech Industrial operates under the umbrella of the TTTech Group, a technology leader in real-time networking and safety controls, with cross-industry experience from more than 20 years of operation.



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 B&R is among the first manufacturers to launch a comprehensive portfolio for communication using the open, real-time capable OPC UA over TSN* protocol. Picture © B&R

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