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Introducing Slate TSN Solutions

Slate is a deterministic networking platform that provides comprehensive TSN solutions. TSN Device Solutions enable users to quickly integrate TSN features into FPGAs and ASICs. TSN Device Software products offer extended features for TSN implementations. TSN Network Software makes it possible to plan and dynamically configure TSN networks.

Edge IP Solution

Configurable TSN switch IP and software for FPGA

TSN Device Solutions
Flex IP Solution

Customizable TSN switch IP and software for ASIC/ASSP

TSN Device Solutions
Edge PTP

IEEE 1588 PTP and IEEE 802.1AS stack

TSN Device Software
Slate XNS

Browser-based planning and configuration of TSN networks

TSN Network Software
Slate YNS

Embedded planning and dynamic configuration of TSN networks

TSN Network Software

TSN Architecture with Slate Solutions

Slate products can be combined in many ways within a TSN architecture. TSN Device Solutions are found in the switches and switched endpoints along critical network paths. TSN Device Software products can also be used in the same network elements. TSN Network Software is used to plan and configure the network. This can be used with a GUI on a standard PC, integrated into existing engineering tools, or embedded on a network element such as a switch or industrial PC.

OPC UA FX using Slate

Using OPC UA and TSN in combination offers a standard, full-stack solution for industrial communication.
OPC UA FX (Field eXchange) fulfils all of the strict requirements of industrial applications, while delivering all of the flexibility and interoperability known from enterprise IT. Learn how Slate products provide a network infrastructure for OPC UA FX that allows you to focus on your applications.

The term “OPC UA FX” (aka OPC UA Field eXchange, UAFX) is the successor of the term “OPC UA over TSN” and used for field level communication.

Getting Started

TSN Starter Package

Evaluation kit containing everything needed to build, configure and test TSN networks

  • Evaluation Board (4-port stand-alone switch board)
  • Edge IP Solution (2+1/4+1 port TSN IP Solution)
  • Reference Design (precompiled TSN IP Solution image to enable Evaluation Board as 4+1 port TSN switch)
  • Slate XNS (TSN network configuration software with GUI)

TSN Starter Package Flyer


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