Slate XNS

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Introducing Slate XNS

Slate XNS is a browser-based software used to model topologies, add streams and deploy configurations for TSN networks. Slate XNS schedules and configures any TSN standard compliant network/device. Slate XNS runs in Windows or Linux and enables the configuration of complex TSN networks without specialist knowledge.

Slate XNS Architecture

Slate XNS plans TSN networks using the Slate CNS planning engine from TTTech Industrial. It uses a Graphical User Interface to capture network and stream requirements and then visualize planning results.

Slate XNS Operational Model

Slate XNS does not interface directly with talkers and listeners. The user inputs requirements via the GUI to plan the network schedule. Slate XNS interfaces with TSN switches and switched endpoints via NETCONF to distribute the relevant configuration files throughout the network.

Supported TSN Standards

IEEE 802.1Qcp
YANG Model for Bridging

Enables communication of basic bridging configuration data (FDB, VLAN, TE-MSTI) between bridges in combination with NETCONF

IEEE 802.1Qcw
YANG Model for Qbv, Qbu, Qci

Extends capabilities of 802.1Qcp to communication of scheduling, preemption and policing configuration data (ST GCL, ST SDU) between bridges in combination with NETCONF

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Technical Specifications

  • Operating Systems
    • Windows 10
    • Linux, Ubuntu 18.04
  • Requirements
    • Tested browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge), Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 is not supported
    • Intel-based CPU (x86 CPU, 4 GB RAM, 2 GB disk space)
    • Local administrator privileges for installation
    • PDF viewer to access user manual
  • Topology builder
    • Browser-based graphical user interface with central project storage and two operating modes:
    • - Graphical builder
    • - Table-based builder
  • Supported topologies
    • Line, star, ring, tree, ladder, line of rings, ladder of rings
  • Supported device types
    • Switches, endpoints or switched endpoints that support the following derived YANG models
  • Derived YANG Models
    • IEEE 802.1Qbv Time Aware Shaping
    • IEEE 802.1Qcp Bridges and Bridged Networks (VLAN support)
    • IEEE 802.1CB Frame Replication and Elimination (Available 2021)
    • NETCONF 1.0/1.1 client
  • Encoding
    • XML, JSON
  • Planning features
    • Support for different user defined constraints
    • – End-to-end latency
    • – Transmit window constraint (for time aware streams)
    • – Consideration of pre-configured switch settings (via device description)
    • – Support for mixed line speed topologies
    • – Seamless integration with IT traffic
    • – Vendor independent input and configuration output
  • Delivery package
    • GUI installer for Windows 10 and Linux
    • Installation guide
    • User manual