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TTTech Industrial’s cloud-managed edge computing platform Nerve supports machine builders and system integrators on their IIoT journey. Feedback from customers using Nerve in their plants and for different use cases is considered to further optimize user experience and features for the needs of today’s industrial environments. The latest update, Nerve 2.7.0, enables Nerve Docker Compose, a tool used for defining and running multi-container Docker applications and implements Nerve Data Services changes as well as a new UI for DNA and other UI improvements on the Local node and Management System.

The main changes

Docker Compose

Docker Compose is a tool used for defining and running multi-container Docker applications. It simplifies the management of multi-container applications by providing a streamlined way to define, run, and manage services, networks, and volumes. It is especially beneficial for development, testing, and small to medium-scale production workloads.

With Docker Compose workloads, users have the possibility to manage multiple services in the Nerve system and establish a link between them. For more information visit:

Nerve DNA available through the Management System UI

In our previous update, Nerve 2.6.0, we introduced Nerve Deterministic Node Automation (DNA), an automated way of deploying workloads to nodes accessible with Management System API, With Nerve 2.7.0, Nerve DNA features can now be operated through the UI in the Management System. The UI can be found in the DNA tab in the node details screen. This makes Nerve DNA much more accessible and applicable for our Nerve users.

Nerve 2.7. - 1

For further information visit:

Nerve Data Services changes: modularity and removal of Management System instance

The Nerve Data Services are now removed from the Nerve Base System and function as a modular component. To use the Nerve Data Services from version 2.7.0 on, a Nerve Data Services Docker Compose workload needs to be requested. This gives users the freedom to choose those Data Services that best fit their needs. For further information visit: Nerve Data Services - Nerve 2.7.0 Documentation

Easy access to application UIs from workload management in the Local UI

Previously, on local access users could only open the application directly on the Nerve device if they entered the local IP address and port- . Now, it is just a click in the local UI and the application opens. This is a feature that many of our customers have asked for and we implemented it with Nerve 2.7.0.

Nerve 2.7. - 2

Remote connections to nodes can be created at node registration

Another feature requested by our customers is that remote connections to nodes can now be configured during the node registration process. Previously, remote connections to nodes and workloads could only be configured after registering a node or provisioning a workload. This feature will improve the user experience of Nerve.

Nerve 2.7. - 3

Visit Workload control - Nerve 2.7.0 Documentation for more information on the listed features and many more. Stay ahead with these exciting enhancements as we advance Nerve's capabilities. .

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