Nerve for real-time virtualization of control

The whitepaper shows the results of a test series benchmarking the real-time performance of ACRNTM on our edge computing platform Nerve.

Benefits of edge computing platforms for food processing equipment manufacturers

The whitepaper shows the benefits and cost savings achievable with industrial edge computing and hardware virtualization in an exemplary use case from the food processing industry.

Energy storage - providing industrial automation solutions to the energy sector

The whitepaper discusses an industrial automation solution using edge computing for an energy storage solutions provider in the renewable energy sector.

Building a digitalization infrastructure for the process industry

The whitepaper shows how to create a modern IT infrastructure for digitalization in the process industry using the Infrastructure as Code approach, cloud (Kubernetes) and edge computing (Nerve).

Mitigating chip shortage through workload consolidation

The whitepaper discusses the benefits of workload consolidation for mitigating chip shortage and how an edge computing platform like Nerve can support it.

Technical implementation of PTP in TTTech Industrial’s Edge PTP stack

In our whitepaper, our expert answers the most common technical questions about the Edge PTP stack and its use cases.

Smarter manufacturing simplifies predictive maintenance solutions for gas compressor manufacturers

The whitepaper shows how edge computing with Nerve mitigates the challenges in setting up predictive maintenance solutions for gas compressors.