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The Felss Group is constantly engaged in optimizing its processes to deliver resource-efficient, highly-reliable customer solutions in the form of machines and components.

As Felss rolls out new innovative Smart Services, the company faces the challenge of accessing real-time data from its machines installed around the world.

In order to support its Industry 4.0 vision, Felss has decided to work with the Nerve software platform from TTTech Industrial.

Felss is shipping Nerve with all of its new machines. The software can also be retrofitted into previously installed machines with minimal effort, as it runs on the edge device located in the control cabinet.

With Nerve, all critical machine, production, process, and component data is recorded and saved securely. This enables real-time analysis, data filtering, and knowledge generation directly at the source, thereby considerably reducing the volume of data transferred to IoT platforms.

In parallel, the Nerve Management System offers centralized administration for a variety of supporting functions in production, process monitoring and maintenance.

Nerve provides a platform for Felss to offer its customers secure data connectivity on the machine, in the factory, and to the cloud. It opens up new avenues for the development and deployment of Smart Services such as the innovative Felss “Wear Detection Software”.

The Nerve Management System also enables easy installation of new applications and software updates to ensure that Felss customers are always receiving the highest levels of service.

About Felss

Felss is a machine builder, specializing in cold forming of metal pipes and materials for automotive manufacturing, as well as serving a broad range of customers across other industries.

Further reading

Tool wear detection at an early stage with edge computing: in a technical article (in German), we show how Felss uses Nerve for flexible and resource-efficient processes in a current project for tool wear detection.

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