TTTech continues to play leading role in OPC UA TSN initiative

OPC Foundation recently announced its commitment to extending OPC UA TSN to industrial field level devices. TTTech is pleased to be represented with a seat on the Steering Committee that is tasked with directing the technical and marketing strategy of the initiative. TTTech’s participation ensures that it will continue to be a key player in the drive towards vendor independent end-to-end interoperability for industry automation use cases including performant real-time control.

TTTech was one of the first to publicly support OPC UA TSN in an announcement made alongside other major industrial automation companies at the SPS IPC Drives fair in 2016. TTTech has been active in the standardization of IEEE 802.1 TSN technologies since 2014 and has introduced a range of TSN products for the industrial market, which will now be developed further to comprehensively integrate OPC UA PubSub functionality.

“TTTech is already delivering our Edge IP Solution product to multiple industrial automation companies to integrate TSN into their FPGA-based devices, and we are also in advanced discussions with chip makers to bring TTTech TSN IP into silicon”, explained Georg Kroiss, Business Development Manager at TTTech. “TTTech understands that the practical implementation of TSN requires a system level approach, that’s why we offer a complete solution comprising core IP, embedded software, development hardware and also the world’s first vendor independent TSN network configuration software.”

TTTech is also in the process of integrating OPC UA TSN as the key piece of a deterministic infrastructure for its Industrial IoT platform Nerve.

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