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TTTech Industrial’s open and flexible edge computing platform Nerve consists of node software that runs on devices at the edge, as well as a management system that runs in the cloud or on a local server. Nerve’s features have been combined into feature sets to create four separate modules. These can be licensed individually or in combination, so customers can choose the package that best fits their use cases and budget.

Nerve’s modular offering allows customers to start small and then add or combine modules for additional functionalities as their solutions scale or their applications change.  Independent of which module is licensed, Nerve offers a secure foundation for managing software, data, and devices at the edge.


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“Nerve has been proven to help reduce cost, increase machine revenue and speed up time-to-market. We aim to offer our customers a high level of flexibility and choice. Our modular offering and open platform ensure customers can select the best fit for their use case and thanks to our pay-as-you-use model, customers pay only for what they are using for their specific application.  This makes Nerve unique on the edge computing platform market,” explains Sarah Heinl, Product Operations Manager of Nerve, TTTech Industrial.

Each of the four modules consists of a range of features that support customers in covering use cases such as condition monitoring, remote services, machine learning, and digital twin.


Nerve modular offering

The Edge Hosting module allows customers to run multiple applications in the form of Docker containers and virtual machines side-by-side on standard industrial hardware at the edge and to manage them remotely from the cloud.

The Data Services module provides a collection of features supporting with data connectivity, data storage and visualization.

The Remote Services module offers a range of features that enable users to remotely connect to workloads and devices in the field.

The Soft PLC module can be used to run machine control workloads on standard industrial hardware and access fieldbus-level sensors and actuators.

Once customers have decided on their Nerve modules, they pay an initial license fee (one-time payment per device) and gain access to their chosen Nerve module’s features. The usage fee (paid monthly per device) enables users to manage device software and workloads running on Nerve. Usage fees are only due when devices are actively managed, ensuring that payment is only due when Nerve is being used.

Interested in discovering Nerve for your use case? Get in touch with our sales team and start to build your system!

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