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Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring keeps track of key indicators for machine performance (vibration, temperature etc.) in order to identify any changes which may be indicative of a developing fault. Nerve provides a rich set of functions to implement a condition monitoring and predictive maintenance solution.

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  • In our case study with Felss, we show how Nerve provides a platform for Felss to offer its customers secure data connectivity on the machine, in the factory, and to the cloud.
  • In our technical article with Felss, we go into more detail about how they use Nerve, among others in their current project for tool wear detection.

Use Nerve for Condition Monitoring

  • Read sensor data via fieldbuses (Profinet, EtherCAT) using the Soft PLC module
  • Read data from PLCs or other sources (S7, Modbus, OPC UA) using the integrated Data Gateway and store it in a local database
  • Optionally, run algorithms on the data using NodeRed or Python based containers created by the Nerve SDK
  • Use the integrated Grafana visualization tool to display the data locally and create alarms using rules
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Remote Service

Remote Service includes all service and maintenance work that is carried out on machines and production lines without the service technician being on site. Nerve integrates a full featured remote service subsystem and allows software updates online and offline.

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Use Nerve for Remote Service

  • Remotely access all devices in your machine using an integrated Tunnel (supports any Ethernet based protocol)
  • Directly display a remote desktop (VNC and RDP) in your browser without the need for installing additional software
  • Access devices inside the machine, use the Edge Node as jump host
  • Collect logs centrally for all your devices
  • Choose between continuously online or being online only during remote maintenance
  • Keep your edge software and applications up to date
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Machine Learning

Machine Learning algorithms build a model based on sample data, known as training data, in order to make predictions or decisions without being explicitly programmed to do so. Nerve can be used as a platform for collecting data to feed training models as well as a distribution method for deployment of Machine Learning algorithms and custom code.

Find out more:

  • In our case study with craftworks, we show how the combination of Nerve with craftworks’ navio unites modular edge computing with seamless deployment of AI models into one ready-to-use solution.

Use Nerve for Machine Learning

  • Use Nerve Data Services to collect training data
  • Create and train your models using your preferred Machine Learning toolkit
  • Deploy models and configurations using Nerve and integrate into a DevOps flow using the API
  • Connect your trained models to live data using the Data Services SDK
  • Visualize results using the built-in Grafana dashboards
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Digital Twin

A digital twin is a representation of a physical object, process or service. The twin can be a digital replica of an object in the physical world such as a CNC mill or a turbine. Nerve provides secure access to machine data which acts as the foundation for a digital twin.

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Use Nerve for Digital Twin

  • Collect data from the machine and model them in OPC UA for higher level services
  • Read sensors using fieldbuses (Profinet, EtherCAT) using the integrated Soft PLC
  • Secure your data using OPC UA security features
Nerve Features